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Redox Reaction (Reduction, oxidation)

In high school chemistry we learned that the redox reaction or oxidation-reduction is the most universal, fundamental chemical reaction - as well as most important - of all chemical concepts.
It is the key to understanding whether a chemical 'meeting' between elements or compounds yields a donating of energy (reduction) or a decay of energy (oxidation).
The problem of life and death as well as health and sickness could, therefore, be explained and demonstrated by the concept of redox reaction. We can recap these concepts with a following analogy. Copper(Cu) loses its glitter by oxidation and is restored by reduction. In quite the same way, a cell unit (call it Cu) is damaged (made sick) by oxidation and is restored (cured) by reduction resulting in the production of H2O
Stage 1 Oxidation of Cell unit 2Cu + O2 –›2CuO
Stage 2 Reduction of oxidized(damaged) Cu
CuO + H2 –› Cu + H2O

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